The Centennial Team


The DLSU Centennial Celebration Executive Committee was formed in early April  2009. It is a multi-sectoral committee that aims to develop a comprehensive plan for the celebration of De La Salle University’s centennial anniversary consistent with the University’s Mission-Vision. It attempts to put into context the realization of the Mission-Vision vis-à-vis the celebration of the University’s achievements historically and institutionally as it turns 100; identify ways by which maximum Lasallian involvement may be achieved by capitalizing on Lasallian talents and skills; find ways by which centennial plans and projects may be funded by encouraging income generating or self-sustaining projects; and implement the identified plans, programs and projects according to the timeline set.

The DLSU Centennial Executive Committee (DLSUCEC) members are chairpersons of different sub-committees that have specific roles to fulfill. Under the leadership of Chairperson and Vice Chancellor for Lasallian Mission and External Relations
Br. Bernard OCA FSC, the committee convenes regularly and utilizes their meetings as venues to discuss ideas and proposals that contribute to the successful celebration of De La Salle University’s Centennial year.

The different sub-committees and respective Chairpersons and other members are as follows:

  • Commemorative, Historical,
    Publications and Research
    Committee (CHPR):
    Dr. Maria Jesusa Marco

  • Fundraising Development/
    Philanthropy Committee (FDP):
    Bro. Bernard Oca FSC (OIC)

  • Community Service Committee (CS):
    Dr. Roberto T. Borromeo

  • Publicity, Communication and
    Promotions Committee (PCP):
    Mr. Johannes Badillo

  • Visual,Literary&Performing Arts,
    Ms. Fritzie de Vera

  • Sports Committee(Sports):
    Mr. Edwin Reyes

  • Alumni Events and Participation
    Committee (AEP):
    Mr. Henry Atayde

  • Student Activities Committee
    (SA): Ms. Evelyn Esparrago

  • University Student Government (USG):
    Mr. Lorenz de Castro

  • Major Institutional Events and Celebration
    Mr. Jose Mari Magpayo, ED,STRATCOM

  • Vice-Chancellor for Administration
    Ms. Agnes Yuhico

  • Vice-Chancellor for Academic Services
    Represented by
    Ms. Ana Fresnido, Library Director

  • Special Project Consultant
    Ms. Raissa Hechanova-Posadas

  • Centennial Office (CO):
    Ms. Perla Garcia

The DLSU Centennial Office (DLSUCO) was created in support to the DLSU Centennial Celebration Executive Committee. Its main function is to coordinate all the centennial celebration activities and to ensure that the general directions of the programs, projects and activities designated for the University’s centennial celebration are in keeping with the University’s Vision-Mission and the District’s directive.

The Centennial Office is responsible of developing and documenting a master plan and calendar of all programs and events of De La Salle University in line with its centennial celebration. 

The Centennial Office co-ordinates the centennial University events with the Philippine Lasallian Centennial Executive Committee centralized plans and activities. It also monitors all public relations, marketing, and development activities for the University centennial celebration.

The Centennial Office is located at St. La Salle Hall Room 102 with telephone number 524-4611 local 290 or mobile contact number 0917-5222-1714. It is manned by a director, two administrative assistants and a clerk.

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