1911 On February 1, a house and lot formerly used by an American School and situated at 417 Nozaleda St. in Paco, Manila was bought for 86 pesos by Br. Adolphe Alfred FSC, director of a Brothers’ School in Barcelona, Spain.

The first three of the "Founding Brothers"–Blimond Pierre, Louis Aloysius Gonzaga, and Augusto Correge­­­–arrived in the country onMarch 10, from Europe via Middle East.


On May 3, six more Brothers arrived, three from France and three from Ireland, completing the first De La Salle Brothers’  Community in Manila.


The property on Calle Nozaleda housed the first La Salle school in the Philippines­–the De La Salle College–which opened on June 16.

  The first batch of La Salle students was composed of 100 boys of mostly Spanish-speaking parents.
  Br. Blimond Pierre FSC was named the first Director of De La Salle. He would serve the post until 1912.
1912 De La Salle was authorized to confer the Commercial High School Diploma.
  The school was originally incorporated in February 1912 as a corporation Sole Maison De La Salle College, with the Brother Director, subsequently the Brother Provincial or the Director of the Republic of the Philippines District of the Brothers of the Christian School as the sole owner and administrator of the institution.
  A chapel of De La Salle on Nozaleda St. was opened on March 19.

Br. Goslin Camillus FSC was named the new School Director. He would serve the post until 1915.

1915 The Commercial High School Diploma was first conferred.
  Br. Acisclus Michael FSC was named DLSC President. He would serve the post until 1919.

The school hired Juan Y. Medrano, the first lay teacher of De La Salle, who served until his retirement in 1963 and was conferred by the institution the title Teacher Emeritus.

1916 De La Salle received from the American Governor General, through the Director of Education, the Charter to confer degrees.

In November, a regular high school course was established, embracing all the sciences and requiring four years to complete the curriculum. A two-year college course was added, and the school was allowed to confer an Associate in Arts degree.

1918 Br. Albinus Peter FSC took office as the new Director of the College.

De La Salle received a permit from the Secretary of Education of the American colonial government to operate as an academic pre-university secondary school with a two-year post secondary business course. 


The first batch of college students graduated with Associate in Arts degree.

Br. Albinus Peter FSC was named DLSC President. He would serve the post until1923.
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